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Welcome to 8 Years Later... The Hardcore Chernarus PvE Epoch Server.

Follow the rules and you will enjoy your stay here.

1) No PvP - This means there is zero tolerance for offenders. Always exercise control and play nice. There are exceptions known as the "Second Amendment" exclusion. That is the right to defend yourself against would be rogue player who come here to break the rules and secondly you may kill anyone snooping through your base.

2) Do not steal - There are many Anti Theft systems put in place to mostly protect your property. But in the case of an unlocked vehicle, if there is 4 or more objects inside the unlocked vehicle then do not touch it. If approximately 12 hours later the vehicle is still unlocked and appears abandoned then you may retrieve it. Do not retrieve property from other players corpses unless instructed to do so by the deceased player. Do not help yourself to property from someone else's base. Admins routinely use spectator mode to keep an eye of player activity in case of skulduggery.

3) Do not vandalize - This includes vehicles and bases and again admins are routinely using spectator mode to catch out would be rogue players. Do not shoot out or destroy other players vehicles. Be aware that there are log files capturing players destroying objects in game.

4) Be respectful to other players and admins. We have a play nice policy here which is focused on base building and wealth accumulation mixed with challenging missions and pre arranged participant only PvP events. Any excessive abuse voiced in side chat will likely result in a temporary ban so be civil at all times. 

5) Have fun, build big bases and collect all the good vehicles!

~ Power House
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